Parks & Rec Camp Visits

We recently had a series of visits from “the yellow shirts”, or to be more exact, summer camp kids from Parks & Rec. What better way is there to keep kids both educated and entertained than to introduce them to our makerspace gadgets? We arranged our auditorium with about 3-4 stations, each table with its own featured item.

Image result for snap circuits

For example, one table would be our designated Snap Circuits (shown above) table. If kids were interested, they could hop on over to this station and tinker with various projects and learn about the basic concepts of circuits.

On our stage area, we set up all of our robotic toys which actually grew to be quite popular! Our visitors spent nearly most of their time experimenting with robot concepts and were especially interested in Cubelets. The kids would try a variety of colored cubes and see what each function was.