Basic Electronics: Othermill

Basic Electronics Workshop Flyer

Last week we had part one of our Basic Electronics Series where students learned about how several of our equipment are linked together for deeper learning:

Once circuits are designed on paper through sketches, or schematics, circuit design can be done with actual components for breadboard prototyping. Snap Circuits are the kid friendly version of breadboard prototyping. Once a design has been finalized, students can make use of CAD software and then CAM software. Specifically for the Othermill, programs such as EAGLE and Fritzing can be used to create schematics that the Othermill will be able to understand.

J othmil 0118.jpg

The Computer Aided Manufacturing software that is used with the Othermill is called Otherplan. Students were shown a brief overview of how to measure, set-up, and change required settings before pressing start to begin milling a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

Perfect solder

Perfectly soldered joints on the Arduino Uno

Part two of the Basic Electronics series will be held in February. In this workshop, students will have a chance to learn about soldering! Soldering helps make more permanent connections when a circuit design has been finalized. Students will solder the PCBs they milled from the first session. Feel free to bring your own projects that you’d like to solder as well!