HTML, CSS and JavaScript Class

On February 6th, kids and parents learned about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript and how they all work together in the process of developing games like Snake and Ping Pong.  A lesson on page design and simple web page manipulation was also covered.


These three coding languages are analogous to countries like Spain or Belgium for example, that speak multiple languages as a way communicate information. HTML tells the Web Browser how to display words, numbers and text on the screen.  CSS tells the browser how elements should be displayed on the screen.  This is where colors, styles, fonts and aesthetics come into play.  JavaScript brings HTML and CSS together to make websites and browsers more useful and functional to the user.  JavaScript is the brains of the operation.  Remember, JavaScript is a programming language, while HTML and CSS are not.



This is what a normal web page looks like below…


This is what the same page looks like with only HTML (No CSS or Javascript)…