CNN partners with Magnopus to bring VR news to the Oculus Rift

What a time to be alive!  Before, CNN has tinkled with allowing Facebook users to view stories in 360 degrees. But, now CNN are upping the ante by allowing users to participate in a more immersive news and story-telling experience. CNN will be launching their own VR (Virtual Reality) mobile application. Called CNNVR, this application will grant users  access to 100 videos, 4k resolution and 360 degree views. Though tried by other news outlets before, none will be as fulfilling as this one! As long as you have a VR headset, a Google cardboard or something similar, you don’t want to miss this cool opportunity!

As someone who loves what the VR industry is coming up with, I think this is a great feature to showcase what VR technology can do. We tend to think of VR as a device we use to play games. But now, we can experience stories and news like never before. We can be more engaged in the story, which is what I suspect CNN’s goal is here. Imagine yourself surrounded by whatever news story you’re reading. How cool would that be?!

And, if you want to experience VR yourself, we have recently obtained our own VR headset! Be on the lookout for future programs where we demonstrate how to use it!

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