Porsche and Bugatti turn to 3D printing for complex or rare parts

Rarely have we seen car companies use 3D printing technology to print car parts. First limited to start-ups, high-end car brands like Bugatti have recently revealed that they have been printing brake calipers out of titanium! Trying to limit the weight of their front brakes, this new printed part weighs about 4lbs less (as opposed to 10 lbs). Although currently not on the market yet, Bugatti is deciding whether to put them on their $3,000,000 cars. The print time is 45 hours, but we’re seeing some cool interesting developments coming out of the car industry. Another car company, Porsche, is using 3D printing to recreate parts that are no longer being manufactured. Currently in testing, they’re using a combination of 3D printing and laser technology. And, because Porsche’s other company, Volkswagen, makes such low numbers of cars, it’s easier to print the pieces instead of making molds.

What an exciting time for the car industry! Being able to print out of titanium must mean their extruder head gets very hot. Until now, I didn’t even know you COULD print with titanium. 3D printing seems to be a very cost effective method for them too. Also, we’re seeing the technology expand into other industries. Long gone are the days where we’re using printing just for trinkets and fidget spinners.

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