Parks & Rec Camp Visits

We recently had a series of visits from “the yellow shirts”, or to be more exact, summer camp kids from Parks & Rec. What better way is there to keep kids both educated and entertained than to introduce them to our makerspace gadgets? We arranged our auditorium with about 3-4 stations, each table with its own featured item.

Image result for snap circuits

For example, one table would be our designated Snap Circuits (shown above) table. If kids were interested, they could hop on over to this station and tinker with various projects and learn about the basic concepts of circuits.

On our stage area, we set up all of our robotic toys which actually grew to be quite popular! Our visitors spent nearly most of their time experimenting with robot concepts and were especially interested in Cubelets. The kids would try a variety of colored cubes and see what each function was.




Learning to Use The Silhouette Cameo 2

As a part of our 3D Design series, kids were able to learn how to use the Silhouette Cameo 2 cutting machine. They also explored the capabilities of the Inkscape graphics software and the Silhouette Studio designing software. In this class the students learned how to operate this CNC machine step by step, beginning with creating a design to use in the graphics software.

A CNC machine uses Computer Numerical Control to automate tools. In this case, the Cameo is our CNC machine that relies on a laptop to send automated controls for the razor blade tool to cut out fun shapes and designs in paper! Read more about the Cameo and awesome projects on our Cameo description page located here:



Makerspace Community at Grand

Our makerspace community over at the Grand Avenue branch is not wasting any time utilizing the new equipment. Children have taken the initiative to work together and show each other how to build.


Whether they are learning on their own, with a buddy or their parent, children have a great time.


Pictured below is one of our long time members showing new members how to use the Ultimaker 3.


Junior Engineers Build at the Library!

Yesterday at our Junior Engineers programs held at both the West Orange Library and the Grand Branch, children were able to let their imaginations run free. They were able to build like architects using Keva Planks, think like circuit design engineers using Snap Circuits and explore their creative side using ShapeMags. In addition to the equipment they utilized to design and create, they were able to build a welcoming community of makers! We welcome youth of all ages to explore the Makerspaces over at our West Orange and Grand locations.




True or Fake News? How to Tell the Difference

Welcome to the era of technology and information. With easy access to tons of information and resources, it’s hard to determine what is credible and what isn’t. This development presents a dangerous threat to our society as individuals hear and believe false stories. We’re here to help!  Come to the course and learn how to recognize fake news when you see it.

Thursday, June 29 at 6PM – Main Library


3D Design Courses – June 2017

Interested in creating objects on our Ultimaker 3D printers or our Silhouette Cameo cutting machine? If so, join us for a series of classes we will be offering throughout the month of June at both the Main library and our Grand location! As we go through the courses we will discuss using Tinkercad software to create 3D designs, operating the Ultimaker 3D printer and getting started with the Silhouette Cameo.



Create your own designs in TinkerCAD, a free software for creating .stl or .obj files which our Ultimaker 3D printers will be able to print.

Friday, June 16, 2pm – Grand

Ultimaker 3D printing

Learn how to use the Ultimaker 3D printer! It all starts with finding a file from the ThingIverse database, downloading to an SD card, then choosing settings in Cura 3D splicing software.

Tuesday, June 20, 2pm – Main
Friday, June 23, 2pm – Grand

Silhouette Cameo

Find out how to use the Silhouette Cameo for awesome paper crafts!

Tuesday, June 27, 2pm – Main
Friday, June 30, 2pm – Grand

Going Digital – June courses for Adults

Free Computer Classes in the TLC!

Technology can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! This summer, learn the skills you need to use a computer safely and effectively, with free computer classes from the library.  As you gain new skills, you will earn digital badges, or online certifications, that you can add to your resume.

Computer basics class in the library

Going Digital Series:

How to Reserve the Library’s Newest Books and Movies

This summer, learn new skills with free computer classes from the library. In this session, you will learn how to use the library’s catalog to place holds on new movies and books. Be one of the first in line to read and watch the latest and greatest!

Monday, June 12, 10 am – Main library

Monday, June 12, 2 pm – Grand library

Friday, June 16, 10 am – Main library

How to Download Books and Audio-books to Your Phone or Tablet

In this session, you will learn how to download books and audiobooks for free, using the library’s Overdrive collection.

Monday, June 19, 10 am – Main library

Monday, June 19, 2 pm – Grand library

How to Download Magazines to Your Phone or Tablet

In this session, you will learn how to download magazines for free, using the library’s subscription to Zinio.

Monday, June 26, 10 am – Main library

Monday, June 26, 2 pm – Grand library

Saturday, July 1, 10 am – Main library

Students and 3D Printing

This week we’ve had a few college students drop by the Makerspace in order to work on their school project. Their professor had them design components in CAD software and required a physical representation of their work. Students were encouraged to seek out local libraries and use 3D printing. Below is a quick print of a turnkey pipe and valve system which could control the flow into a tank.


This is a great example of how 3D printing can be relevant for future civil engineers as well as all students in general. State projects and extra credit are other school related reasons that students have made reservations for our 3D printers. Another great thing about using the 3D printers at South San Francisco Public Library is that the prints are absolutely free to take home once your print is complete!

Class Visits the Library

Today we had a wonderful class visit the library for a few hours. Children were able to have a behind the scenes look at how books get returned using the automated book return machine, tour both the upper and lower levels of the library, and everyone in the class now has a library card! The highlight of the visit for some of the children would be time spent in our Technology Learning Center and LibLab Makerspace!

Elementary school children visit the library

Lego EV3 Mindstorms and Cubelets Robots!

Class visits the Makerspace

Button maker assembly line!

Class visits can be arranged with our children’s librarians. And we all encourage return visits for more personalized time spent with our robots, 3D printers, Green Screen, equipment, and more!