LittleBits are small magnetic components that can only connect to each other one way and are color coded making learning fun and easy! Each LittleBit invention requires a blue Power Bit, a pink Input Bit, and a green Output Bit with the optional orange Wire Bit to modify input and outputs.

Both Main and Grand libraries have the Premium Starter Kit as well as the Gizmo and Gadgets Kit. Grand library has the Classroom Set that can accommodate 8-16 inventors. Be sure to bring additional crafting items to make the most of these LittleBits!

Need Project Ideas?

Follow along with the Project Book and try creating the following:

1) Mr. Whiskers

An interactive cat friend whose tail spins and eyes light up when you press his tongue!


Project Directions Link

2) Hack My House

Students learn about geometry concepts through building 3-d paper structures. During this lesson, students use pre-designed templates, craft materials, and littleBits modules to create 3-dimensional buildings. The exterior of a building, or any solid, is made up of 2-dimensional shapes such as rectangles and triangles. Together, these 2-dimensional shapes, called “faces”, make up a “net” when flattened that can be folded to form a 3-d object, or prism.


Project Directions Link

3) Megablaster

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Would you walk through walls? Turn bad guys to stone? With a few Bits and a little imagination, you can blast that power onto anything! Just use the slide dimmer on your wrist cuff to activate a bar graph in the palm of your hand. When it’s at full capacity, POW! Shoot your imaginary power wherever it’s needed.


Project Directions List

4) Adjustable Lamp!

Create an adjustable lamp!  You can manipulate a box and  the Little Bits to create a bright light source.


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5) Flashlight glasses

With these glasses you can read and see in the dark!

GLASSESProject Directions Link

6) Golf-O-Mat

Hole in one! Create a mini-golf course and swing away with this wireless golf putter.

GOLF_GIFProject Direction Link

7) Drawbot

Create robotic artistic masterpieces! Try drawing a portrait, writing your name, or even making some expressive abstract paintings with this roaming art bot. The arm automatically swings side to side while you drive the robot around with the controller, creating a trail of color on whatever surface it touches.

drawbotProject Direction Links

8) Spin Roller

Make a topsy turvy rolling vehicle that flips while it rolls! What kind of tricks can you do?


Project Directions Link

9) Breezy Buddy

Creating your own electronic inventions can be fun and functional! Whether your classroom feels like the surface of the sun or you want to bring the breeze with you on your next nature walk, this simple fan will keep you cool.


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